• Water Supply for the City of Lubango - PALUB I

    Client: Ministry for Energy and
    Water (MINEA)
    Project location: Lubango
    Province of Zaire
    Project term: 3 years
    Project start: 2011


Redesign and Rehabilitation of the Water Supply as well as Sewage Disposal and Treatment for the City of Lubango


As a result of almost three decades of civil war, Angola's infrastructure has been almost entirely destroyed as have its water supply and sewage systems. These problems are also occurring in Lubango, capital of the province Huila. The supply and sewage systems still in good order are completely overloaded and insufficient due to the rapid demographic development in the urban districts.

So, Lubango is showing today (2012) a population of more than 1 Mio. people and it is growing steadily and rapidly. Just a small fraction of the  current population is connected to a centralised supply and sewage network

The special geographical situation of Lubango on the Huila plateau at around 1.800 m  absolute altitude poses an additional challenge in assuring a sufficient drinking water supply for the population.


The project "PALUB I" means a first essential step towards redesign and rehabilitation of the water supply and sewage disposal of the provincial capital Lubango.  Besides planning of the sewage disposal and treatment,the target of the total measure above all is to ensure the supply of the city with drinking water on long-term basis.


Mediation and securing of financing
Hydro geological tests for water development
Planning of two drinking water treatment plants
Planning and new construction of transport pipelines ND 200 -
ND 1000 with shaft structures, length: 32 kilometres
Planning of six water towers, contents 10.000 m3
Planning of the water distribution network, incl. domestic connections
in the city centre, length: 14 kilometre, 3000 domestic connections.
Study as to the sewage disposal and its treatment

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