• Road Rehabilitation in Angola: “M'Banza-Congo - Nóqui“

    Client: Instituto de Estradas de Angola (INEA)
    Project location: Angola,
    Province of Zaire
    Project term: 3 years
    Project start: 2013


Construction Management for the Extension of the Road M'Banza-Congo - Nóqui


Due to the lack of roads or to their destruction during civil war, especially journeys into the inland of Angola still prove to be difficult. In the frame of an extensive rehabilitation and construction programme, the Angolan government had already built or rehabilitated 9,970 km of roads with about 500 bridges from 2005 until the end of 2012. INEA, "Instituto Nacional de Estradas de Angola", is responsible for transport planning in Angola.


The federal road (Estrada Nacional) M´Banza-Congo – Nóqui has a total length of 172,3 km. It passes through the province of Zaire and connects various towns and villages in the border areas with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project has been divided into 2 phases for implementation. The first construction phase extends over a length of 117.3 km and starts from M'Banza Congo northward. Through the village of Koko the road leads to Luvo, directly at the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A junction to the south crossing Mepozo to Mepala is also included in the fist phase.

The second project phase involves the road from Mepala to the north west up to Nóqui on a length of 55 km.

The extension is largely carried out on the existing roadway. Special measures are planned to avoid erosion on box-cuts in the street line.


Consulting and Engineering Services
Supervision, control and inspection of construction works
Construction management

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