• Porto Amboim water supply

    Client: Esso Angola
    Project location: Porto Amboim, Angola
    Project term: 3 months
    Project start: 02/2009


Planning the enhancement of water supply for Porto Amboim


Angola's economic development since the end of the civil war has led to a situation in which the capacity of the port of Luanda is completely exhausted. This is why attention is now focusing on secondary ports, like the one planned at Porto Amboim. In addition to this, large offshore oil deposits are being developed by Esso and Sonangol. Both factors are opening up excellent development opportunities for Porto Amboim and this is making a fundamental reorganisation of water supply for the entire region necessary in the short to medium term.


GAUFF Engineering is taking the first step here. This step includes: the extraction of river water with a maximum capacity of 2,800 cubic meters per day, a water tank with a total volume of around 3,000 cubic meters, around 20 kilometers of long-distance water piping as well as a new local network to supply around 3,000 inhabitants. Due to the urgent nature of the project, we will plan and draw up the specifications within three months. The integration of the public sector into the project will pose a special challenge here. After all, it may be possible to use the newly installed systems at a later point in time for general supply for Porto Amboim.


Planning the erection of a new river water pump works
Planning the transport pipeline to the river water extraction point, to ETA Rio Queve and to the Kiassala and Medunque elevated tanks, and to the Cajueiro district.
Planning the Kiassala and Medunque elevated tanks

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