• White paper for Angola

    Client: Ministry of Transport
    of the Republic of Angola
    Project location: Angola
    Project term: 12 months
    Project start: 07/2007


Recommendation for the general direction of transport policy in Angola


The development of transport in Angola is being driven by the explosion in population, the geographic distribution of the population and the development of motorisation. The situation in Angola is such that typical traffic problems, e.g. congestion and accidents, have increased dramatically in recent years. In the capital city of Luanda, these problems have become so serious that immediate action is needed in transport planning and policy. City traffic must be understood and developed as part of urban planning in which each mode of transport has its own place and makes use of its advantages at the right place.


First of all, GAUFF Engineering analysed the existing traffic flows and, using as-is data, drew up long-term forecasts for the infrastructure in Angola's capital city. This not only included expanding the road network, in terms of both quality and quantity, but also reducing the number of cars on the road, increasing parking facilities, road drainage, along with more extensive control of parking measures and stricter fines. Comprehensive expansion of local public transport was especially recommended as one measure to relieve the situation. This included, for instance, installing the planned railway lines, developing a rapid bus system and building bus depots along with park-and-ride facilities.


Development of action packages that are independent of the general transport plan
Action packages that are related to the general transport plan and are correlated with each other
Transport route plan, expansion and maintenance of the road network, measures for public transport
Installation of a technical inspection organisation, vehicle insurance
Training, further education

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