• Drinking water supply for Esmeraldas

    Client: Autonomous, decentralised municipal government of Esmeraldas (GADME)
    Project location: Esmeraldas, Ecuador
    Project term: 27 months
    Project start: 03/2016


Renovation and expansion of the drinking water supply for Esmeraldas and its zone of influence in the province of Esmeraldas


Esmeraldas is the capital city of the province with the same name in north western Ecuador, and it lies directly on the Pacific Ocean. The crude oil refinery and the port are particularly significant to the local economy, although tourism has also become an important factor for the development of the province as a whole.

At the end of the 1990s, it had already become clear that the existing water supply was insufficient for Esmeraldas and the seaside resorts in the surrounding area. Since then, the increasingly ailing systems have repeatedly resulted in water shortages and rationing for the connected inhabitants and the local industry. This has also significantly restricted the development of tourism in the area.

Through the renovation and expansion of the supply, it is intended that inhabitants, tourists and industrial operations in Esmeraldas and the neighbouring cantons of Atacames and Rio Verde be assured of a sustainable, good quality supply until 2040.


The improvement and expansion project integrated in the framework of the national PROSANEAMIENTO programme is dimensioned such that sufficient clean drinking water will be available after its completion for up to 540,000 projected inhabitants and seasonal visitors in 2040. The contractor commissioned with construction monitoring of the construction and renovation measures is a joint venture, in which GAUFF Engineering has a 40% stake, alongside two consulting companies from Ecuador, CONTEC and ACOTECNIC, each with a 30% stake.

The entire project is divided up into three lots, and is set for completion by mid-2018.

The construction monitoring services include technical supervision and quality control of the following construction contracts:

Lot 1:

  • Water extraction at Río Esmeraldas with five new pumps. Total quantity of water 3.2 m³/s.
  • The San Mateo water treatment plant will be expanded to include two new modules, and the existing module 1 will be reconditioned.
  • Total treatment capacity 3.2 m³/s.
  • Furthermore, 1.8 km of access roads will be constructed to the main elevated tank (180.6 m above sea level), and this will be refurbished with new shut-off mechanisms and pipes.

Lot 2:

  • Supply and delivery of approx. 120 km of new transport pipelines from the main elevated tank to the supply regions in three lines: Central line for the city of Esmeraldas, northern line to Rocafuerte, southern line to Tonchigüe. Steel pipes of DN 1200 to 400 will be installed, including accessories such as valves, reducers and pipe elbows.

Lot 3:

  • Expansion of the distribution network in the city of Esmeraldas and in the connected seaside resorts to the south of the province’s capital city, installation of approx. 390 km of PVC lines, new construction of 13 reserve tanks, refurbishment and expansion of 7 existing reserve tanks, installation of approx. 8,500 new domestic connections.


Advice and support to the developers
Coordination and management of the three construction companies involved
Checking the planning documents and the three construction contracts
Cost, deadline and quality controls
Measurement and billing checks
Checking compliance with health and safety protection on the construction sites
Checking compliance with the environmental and social management plan
Reporting on the construction progress
Generation of technical solutions and alternatives during the building phase
Follow-up management and participation in the acceptances
Checking the “as built” plans

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