• Scaling Solar Ethiopia

    Client: International Finance Corporation - IFC
    Project location: Ethiopia
    Project term: 18 months
    Project start: 01/2017


Technical Assistance for the development and tendering of photovoltaic power plants with a total output of up to 250 MWAC


The Scaling Solar program aims to enable the rapid roll out of competitively priced, utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power in Sub-Saharan Africa through a coordinated, packaged and largely standardized joint World Bank Group solution based on a templated Public Private Partnership (PPP) transaction. As a part of this initiative the World Bank Group (“WBG”) has been engaged by the Government of Ethiopia to support the implementation of up to 500 MW of grid connected solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in Ethiopia on a PPP basis.

By joining Scaling Solar, Ethiopia has taken a decisive step towards the diversification of its energy supply with renewable energies. Still, technologies such as solar and wind power only make a small contribution to the provision of energy. Around 70% of the electricity is currently generated by hydropower, with a total of about 500 MW of installed electrical energy missing in Ethiopia.


In relation to the project, the joint venture Suntrace and GAUFF Engineering Power International was assigned by the WBG member International Finance Corporation (IFC) as a consultant for the development and tendering of photovoltaic power projects of up to 250 MWAC. GAUFF’s main objective under this assignment was to support the Client as technical, environmental and social consultant during the implementation of the Scaling Solar Program together with local partners.

The assignment was split into several phases and included:

Phase 1: Project preparation and site visits

Phase 2: Detailed site studies

Phase 3: Bid preparation

Phase 4: Tender process


Initial visits to the four shortlisted sites
Detailed studies: Topographic, Geotechnical, Hydrological, Seismic conditions, Grid connection, Infrastructure, Environmental & Social Impact Scoping
Recommendation on Sites
Outline Design of Grid Connection and Site Layouts
Review of Grid Code and Technical Limits Schedule
Environmental & Social Terms of Reference
Revision / Adaption of Standard Request for Proposal (RfP) / Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Tender process support
Evaluation of technical prequalification and proposal submissions
Support of negotiation process

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