• Bridge Construction Booué

    Client: Ministry for Promotion of Investments, Construction, Transport, Settlement and Tourism
    Project location: Centre of Gabon
    Project term: 34 months
    Project start: 2015


New Construction of a Bridge over the Ogooué River at Booué

Background and Project

The town of Booué, founded in 1883 by Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, is situated in the middle region of the biggest river of Gabon, the Ogooué, on its northern bank. Due to lack of a bridge, the transport conditions are relatively underdeveloped. The only road connection links the town northwards to the National Road N4. According to the current planning, the National Road will cross Booué in the future. Therefore, this bridge plays an important role in the frame of the extension of the road network of Gabon and the economic development of Booué and its surroundings.

The project consists of the construction of a new bridge near Booué in central Gabon in the province of Ogooué-Ivindo. After construction of the bridge finally there will be a connection between the two banks of the river Ogooué. The total length of the bridge is amounting to 427 m.


For this project, GAUFF Engineering has been charged with the supervision of all deliveries and services to be executed by the construction firm "China Road and Bridge Corporation - CRBC" , commissioned by the Ministry for Promotion of Investments, Construction, Transport, Settlement and Tourism Scope of Services

Planning and consultancy services

  1. Evaluation of the as-is state
  2. Verification of the preliminary and basic design
  3. Verification of the detailed design
  4. Verification of the environmental management plan
Construction Management:

  1. Supervision, control and inspection of the execution of works on site
  2. Monitoring of compliance with the environmental management plan
  3. Quality control of the works executed
  4. Cost control
  5. Verification of the as-built drawings

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