• "Impératrice" hydroelectric power plant in Gabon

    Client: Ministry for Energy and Water Resources
    Project location: Province Ngounié, Gabon
    Project term: 6 months
    Project start: 11/2014


Technical Assistance for the energy ministry on an EPC contract for the construction of the "Impératrice Eugénie" hydroelectric power plant in Gabon


In order to provide long-term and reliable cover for the increasing electrical energy demand, the Gabon government has established a plan to develop the hydro power sector. One significant part of this development plan is the construction of a hydroelectric power plant at the "Chutes de l’Impératrice Eugénie" waterfalls on the Ngounié river in the province of the same name. From here, the Mangan and Niob mines as well as the wood processing industry in the Moyen-Ogooué province should be supplied with energy. Furthermore, Imperiatrice should also generate power for the cities of Mouila and Mandji along with the capital city of Libreville.


The "Chutes de l’Impératrice Eugénie" waterfalls are located on the Ngounié river, in the Ngounié province, in the south of Gabon, 5 km upstream of Fougamou. The waterfalls comprise a main waterfall which is 12 m in height and a series of rapids with a total height difference of around 20 m over a length of 2000 m. The China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (CGGC-Group) are to construct a hydroelectric power station here, initially with two turbines, each rated at 21 MW. The hydro-engineering plants are to be planned and constructed already prepared for the final configuration with a total power of 84 MW. GAUFF Engineering provided guidance and support to the Gabon energy ministry with the visual inspection and assessment of the proposal and planning documents and the construction contract.


Technical Assistance to support in the form of guidance and checking with regard to the proposal from the Chinese construction company with:

Checking the proposal documentation, particularly with regard to the statements pertaining to hydro-geology, geology, planning concept and energy determination.
Checking of the construction contract with the CGGC-Group.
Checking of the environmental studies
Verification of solutions and plans for ancillary works (access road, set-up of camp)
Creation of a first test report for the customer.
Verification of the data on-site (if required).
Creation of a final report for the customer.

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