• Technical Audit for Gabon

    Client: Ministry of Budget and Public Finances of the Republic of Gabon
    Project location: South of Gabon
    Project term: 3 months
    Project start: 03/2017


Review of planning and construction services rendered in eleven projects (mostly road construction) in terms of quality and volume.


By modernizing its street network, Gabon wants to promote the diversification of the country’s economy, and further develop tourism and agriculture. This is also intended to mitigate the negative impact of the low oil price on the national budget. The first steps in this direction had been taken as early as 1992 within the “Road Network Expansion Program”. In 2010, the strategic plan “Gabon Emergent” with the resulting national infrastructure master plan was developed.

After the realisation of a number of road construction projects with a total length of more than 1,000 km, the product costing analysis revealed that the average price per kilometer of asphalted road was far above average, both by international comparison and by regional comparison with neighboring countries.


GAUFF Engineering was contracted by the Ministry of Budget and Public Finances of the Republic of Gabon for performing a technical analysis, evaluation and study in which the planning and construction services of eleven sample projects were to be reviewed in terms of quality and volume. The following projects have been reviewed:

  • Construction and rehabilitation of highways:
    • Tchibanga-Mayumba (expansion, partly new construction, 106 km)
    • Akiéni-Onga (new construction, 60 km)
    • Mouila-Ndendé (rehabilitation, partly expansion, 71 km)
  • Construction and repair of bridges:
    • Construction of a 520 m road and railway bridge over Banio Lagoon near Mayumba,
    • Repair and expansion of a bridge over Komo River near Kango. Here two bridge spans damaged by a barge were replaced by a new, 80 m long steel arch bridge. To expand capacities, the construction of a new 350 m long bridge running in parallel to the existing bridge was started.
  • Construction and rehabilitation of urban roads or development of residential areas by road construction:
    • Rehabilitation of urban roads in Akiéni (10 km), Ndendé (6.6 km) and Franceville (11 km)
    • Development of residential areas by road construction in Tchibanga (1.5 km) and Mouila (1.9 km)
  • Construction of an officers’ training center. This project comprises, in addition to 25 buildings for accommodation, training and medical care, a gym, a football ground including athletics track and stands, 5 km of roads as well as all supply and disposal networks.

The purpose of the technical audit was the definition of service areas in which quality needs to be improved in future projects, as well as the identification of possibilities in which building investment costs can be reduced by increased efficiency. One big challenge for GAUFF Engineering was the task of performing a comprehensive recording and assessment of eleven projects spread all over the southern half of Gabon in less than three months. With an international team of 15 experienced engineers, we were able to accomplish this task in due time while maintaining our high quality standards.


Review of all contract-relevant documents, in particular a  verification of the statements
of work and of contractual volumes
Detailed verification, documentation and assessment of services rendered, in comparison
with the contract concluded
A geotechnical campaign, including taking of samples and quality tests on site and in the lab
Comprehensive aerial surveys and additional on-the-spot survey work
Plausibility review of the services of other institutions and engineers involved in the above projects (construction supervisors, control laboratories, etc.)

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