• Development of Kornburg Nord, Nuremberg

    Client: wbg Nürnberg Beteiligungs GmbH
    Project location: Nuremberg, Germany
    Project term: 65 months
    Project start: 03/2017


Development planning and construction supervision for the Kornburg Nord residential area in Nuremberg


Kornburg is a suburban district in the south of Nuremberg. As part of the special housing program of the city of Nuremberg, the Kornburg-Nord property was placed in WBG Nuremberg Beteiligungs GmbH. In order to create new living space, the subsidiary of wbg Nuremberg is developing and building on the property north of the street "Am Bruckweg" and east of the "Seckendorfstrasse" in Kornburg. Around 150 residential units for different requirements are being built there.


The access for traffic is accommodated by five dead-end streets with turn-around area and a total length of approx. 600 m. A separation system is taken into account as a drainage system. The resulting waste water is discharged into the public sewage system of the city of Nuremberg, the occurring rainwater is treated via three near-natural rain retention basins. As part of the development design, the planning of third parties (electricity, lighting, etc.) must be taken into account in a coordinated manner. The area with the newly planned living space covers a size of around 7 ha.

The execution is carried out in three construction phases. The implementation of the partial construction phase 1 took place until February 2020.


Object planning of civil engineering structures and traffic facilities:

Basic evaluation
Preliminary design
Conceptual design and approval planning
Execution planning
Site management, local construction supervision
Site supervision

Further Services

Design and construction survey
Coordination of the networks in the planning and implementation phase

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