• Nuremberg, Lichtenreuth, Traffic and development planning

    Client: Aurelis Asset GmbH, Region Süd
    Project location: Nuremberg, Germany
    Project term: 13 years
    Projekt start: 02/2017


Nuremberg, Lichtenreuth, Traffic and Development Planning, Module I, Module II and southern connection to Münchener Straße


Aurelis Asset GmbH, Region Süd is developing the approximately 100 hectare area of the former southern marshalling yard on Brunecker Strasse in Nuremberg into a new district. Apartments, shops, commercial and service companies as well as the new Technical University are being built there. The residential and commercial spaces in the area of Modules I and II and their infrastructural development are being implemented by the property owner Aurelis Asset GmbH, Region Süd, on the basis of urban development contracts in cooperation with the city of Nuremberg.


At the beginning of the project, GAUFF Engineering was commissioned with the engineering services for the planning of the traffic facilities and engineering structures as well as for the coordination of the supply networks in regards to a modular development of the new city district of Lichtenreuth. The total area of around 100 hectares was initially divided into four modules to enable planning and development to be implemented independently of one another. In this project planning phase, the services for examining the possibilities of a suitable infrastructural development for the total range of the area were provided and the associated basic determination and preliminary planning were carried out.

In addition, GAUFF Engineering was commissioned with further services for planning, tendering and construction supervision for the road traffic and drainage systems. The scope of planning includes Module I with a size of around 25 ha and Module II with a size of around 10 ha. The building areas of modules III and IV, which were included in the former overall scope, were acquired by the Free State of Bavaria for the new location of the Technical University and will be realized independently. The planning services of Modules I and II comprise the road traffic systems including their connections or junctions to the surrounding traffic network, the sewage drainage and rainwater treatment of the surface water of the streets via infiltration troughs along the streets as well as the coordination of the networks for the electricity, water and heat supply that have to be set up in coordination with the responsible utility companies.

The planning of a main traffic axis in the Lichtenreuth area, with connection to the surrounding road network, represents a further service content. This included the construction of a new access road (two-lane, four-lane urban highway) including the connection to the existing Münchener Straße via a new junction with traffic lights, being planned identically. For this purpose, the development planning for the traffic facilities and dirt and rainwater drainage as well as the coordination of the supply network, that has to be established, was provided. The rainwater from the public traffic areas seeps away via the roadside troughs in the surface of the high-rise construction sites on the company's own property.


Object planning of civil engineering structures and traffic facilities
Basic evaluation
Preliminary design
Conceptual design
Execution planning
Site Management, local construction supervision

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Coordination of the existing supply networks

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