• Development of the Norispark site in Nuremberg

    Client: Norispark Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH
    Project location: Nuremberg, Bavaria
    Project term: 20 months (Conceptual design)
    Project start: 09/2014


Engineering services for planning of infrastructure to develop the Norispark site in Nuremberg for housing and industrial settlement


The company Norispark Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH initiated the development of the plots of land on the Thurn-und-Taxis-Straße 20 estate in striking distance of the Nordostpark in Nuremberg. On an area of approximately 61,000 m², high-class business facilities and residential apartment complexes are to be built. This objective as well as the particular location of the Norispark impose high requirements on GAUFF Engineering regarding urban development and planning.


For the site preparation and site development work, a public access road has to be planned and the adjoining properties have to be reparcelled. Furthermore, the premises have to be connected to the sewage system and already existing supply media have to be considered in an integrative way for the planning. The planned access road with turning area will be approximately 550 m long. In terms of drainage, the sewage facilities with integration of the existing drains and the central infiltration system for rainwater management have to be planned. In some parts, a street-side trough-trench system is designed for infiltration.

Additionally, plans for internal and transregional routes around the premises were drafted, taking the planned land consolidation between the city of Nuremberg and the Norispark Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH into consideration.

In the context of site development design, the planning activities of third parties (for example the N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg for supply media) have to be integrated. All construction measures needed to be drafted in close cooperation with the city administration of Nuremberg in the context of a development contract.


The following services were commissioned for civil engineering planning:

Basic evaluation
Preliminary design
Conceptual design
Approval planning

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