• FWO - Scheßlitz branch off, new construction of the Rötelsberg elevated tank with supply line

    Client: Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken (FWO)
    Project location: Rötelsberg, Germany
    Project term: 6 years
    Project start: 02/2017


Engineering services for object and expert planning of civil engineering structures, structural design and technical equipment for the new construction of the Rötelsberg elevated tank


As a municipal administration union, the Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken (FWO) is responsible for the distribution of around 20 percent of Upper Franconia's drinking water. In order to be able to supply customers safely in the future, FWO is constantly optimising the overall system in its union area. After more than 35 years of operation, modernisation measures on the existing plants are also required at the Scheßlitz branch to adapt the conveying capacities to the increased water demand.


GAUFF Engineering was commissioned with the planning services for the new construction of the Rötelsberg elevated tank.
The measures include the construction of a high tank in stainless steel design, including a pumping station with a supply line. The storage capacity of the elevated tank will be 1,500 m³ in the future. The new Rötelsberg elevated tank will be built at Burglesau half way up between the operations points of the high tank and pumping station Giechburg near Scheßlitz and the Gorkum elevated tank. This increases the storage and conveying capacity of the Scheßlitz branch off and thus the security of supply in the region. The water is stored in two stainless steel tanks, which is ensuring maximum hygiene and low-maintenance operation. In addition, the service life of the installation is increased and the future need for renovation and cleaning is minimized. Architecturally, the building was optimally integrated into the sensitive landscape of the Franconian Jura.


Object and specialist planning civil engineering structures, structural engineering and technical equipment:
Basic determination
Preliminary design
Design and approval planning
Execution planning
Site management, local construction supervision

Further services

Planning process accompanying survey
Hydraulic dimensioning of the lines with pressure shock calculation
Preparation of building application

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