• Feasibility Study Deutsche Bahn – Munich Central Station

    Client: Deutsche Bahn AG
    Project location: Munich, Central Station
    Project term: 2 months
    Project start: 07/2021


Preparation of a feasibility study for the separation of the extinguishing and drinking water networks in the Munich Central Station railway depot


The Munich Central Station depot was opened in 1867 and is located to the west of Munich Central Station. The site covers an area of over eleven hectares with a variety of buildings and halls. On the site of the ICE plant, the existing water supply network is to be devided into separate drinking water and fire-fighting water networks in order to meet the different large demand for the two types of use.


GAUFF Engineering was commissioned by Deutsche Bahn AG to provide engineering services for the preparation of a feasibility study for the separation of the drinking water and fire-fighting water networks. This included the examination of existing as-built documents as well as their new preparation.

The project site includes the following facilities in particular:

  • ICE hall with a length of approx. 455 m and six tracks
  • Electric locomotive hall
  • Social building
  • Administration building
  • Track Areas

As part of the feasibility study, GAUFF Engineering also made an inventory of the water supply systems and measured them in the interior and exterior areas.


Recording of the existing drinking water and fire-fighting water systems
Assessment of the existing situation
Feasibility study on the separation of drinking and fire-fighting water
Study of the fire-fighting water pumping station

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