• FWO - Study Security of Supply in the FWO Association Area

    Auftraggeber: Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken (FWO)
    Projektort: Oberfranken
    Projektdauer: 14 Monate
    Projektbeginn: 11/2018


Preparation of a study on security of supply in the FWO union’s area


Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken (FWO) is a municipal administration union and the largest water supplier in Upper Franconia. It supplies around 20 percent of Upper Franconia's drinking water to cities and municipalities. In order to also ensure the drinking water supply in its union’s area in the future, the FWO would like to identify and take measures that enable maximum security of the supply.


GAUFF Engineering was commissioned by the FWO to prepare a study to improve the supply reliability in its union’s area. The study should take into account aspects of water extraction, water pumping and operational failures as well as the weighted delivery obligations towards the cities and municipalities. The study was also based on the development forecast "Water Supply Balance of Upper Franconia" for the year 2025 commissioned by the government of Upper Franconia.

A total of 24 different measures were analyzed and evaluated as part of the study. A final evaluation matrix serves as the basis for the FWO's short-, medium- and long-term action plans.


Basic investigation
Study with variant analysis (24 variants)
Cost-benefit matrix

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