• Munich Airport – Research site for Autonomous Driving

    Client: Flughafen München GmbH
    Project location: Munich Airport
    Project term: 8 months
    Project start: 12/2020


Development planning for the autonomous driving research area at Munich Airport


A research site for Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID) is to be built on the grounds of Munich Airport near the aircraft maintenance hangars in the south-west.


Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) commissioned GAUFF Engineering to plan the construction of a surface structure on the area between the existing truck storage facility in the east and the ramp of the West 0 traffic junction in the area of the southern development zone (SBB). The area is designed according to the requirements of a research site for Autonomous Intelligent Driving. In the first expansion phase, the area to be planned is around 55,000 m². In a second construction phase with around 42,000 m², the area is to be expanded to a total of around 9.7 hectares.

In the course of the construction measures, the existing areas "taxi storage facility", "truck storage facility" and the existing structures with their associated installations will be partially dismantled. In addition, a temporary road was built respectively to the west and to the north of the site.

The entire area will be paved in asphalt construction. Surface drainage will be ensured via open troughs and trough-trench systems. Further requirements were the equipment of the area with cable and cable conduit systems as well as a connection to the IT network of the airport. The test track is secured all around with a fence and illuminated. A drinking and fire-fighting water supply with correspondingly dimensioned waste water disposal and a groundwater extraction well for supplying a route irrigation system will also be implemented.


For civil engineering structures, traffic systems and technical equipment:

Data collection

Preliminary design

Conceptual design

Approval planning

Execution drawings

Tendering, award and local construction supervision/general site management in cooperation with Richter Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH und act-technik GmbH

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