• STAWAG - Sewer Renewal “Am Lavenstein“

    Client: STAWAG - Stadtwerke Aachen AG (Public Utility, Aachen)
    Project location: Aachen, Germany
    Project term: 12 months
    Project start: 05/2015


Design services for sewer renewal on the "Am Lavenstein" street in Aachen.


The Public Utility in Aachen (STAWAG) proposed the sewer renewal “Am Lavenstein“ as a result of the respective drainage system inspection and the findings that is in need of repair.

For this measure - with focuses on sewer construction in the cramped inner city area of Aachen - various options were examined and evaluated. In so doing aspects such as locating of archaeologically valuable substance, detection of lateral connections and other sub terrain infrastructure, as well as working in the small-scale inner city area, were included in the considerations.


The sewer renewal, including the domestic connection ducts, was carried out on “the existing corridor". The existing sewer with oval section (Ei 250/375 Type) was replaced in open construction by new sewer reaches with a dimension of DN 300 STZ. Existing manholes structures were demolished and rebuilt. In the course of the measures, the constant maintenance of the wastewater discharge was to be taken into account. Accompanying the construction measures, material samples, explosive ordnance investigations and an archaeological assessment were carried out.

The services for preparation of contract award, local site supervision, as well as object supervision and documentation, were provided by a subcontracted company of engineers, Ingenieurgesellschaft Dr. Ing. Nacken mbH, Aachen. The office Aix-Quasigeum, Aachen, was obliged to provide services for health and safety coordination.

Gauff GmbH & Co. Engineering KG was hired by STAWAG in May 2015 for the general project management as well as for the design services of the sewer renewal.


The following services were commissed for civil engineering planning:

Conceptual design
Approval planning
Detailed design
Preparation of contract award
Assisting award process 
General site management
Object supervision and documentation
Local site supervision
Safety and health coordination

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