• SWW Wunsiedel– Rehabilitation of elevated tank Kappel

    Client: SWW Wunsiedel GmbH
    Project location: Wunsiedel, Germany
    Project term: 6 years
    Project start: November 2017


Engineering services for project planning of engineering structures, technical equipment, on-site construction supervision for the modernisation of the Kappel elevated tank


The Kappel elevated tank was built in 1964 and was in need of rehabilitation. Both the basic structure and the technical installations no longer met the current requirements for a drinking water supply system. The structure and technical systems were rehabilitated, partially renewed and brought up to the state of the art.

The Kappel main reservoir comprises two round water chambers, each with a storage volume of 150 m³, an L-shaped water chamber with a storage volume of 500 m³ and two valve chambers. It is fed from the elevated tank on Bibersbacher Str. and supplies the upper aera of Wunsiedel and the Valetsberg district.


GAUFF Engineering was commissioned by the public utility company of Wunsiedel to provide the necessary engineering services for the rehabilitation of the elevated tank.

The structure showed structural damage due to moisture, inadequate thermal insulation and inconsistent separation of the superstructure and the wet room (water chamber). Paint flaking, rust damage and defects in the wall coating had been identified in the water chambers.

This made it necessary to rehabilitate all three water chambers of the drinking water tank with concrete technology, which was carried out using a new cement-bound coating. Due to the three existing water chambers, it was possible to plan the continuation of operations during the rehabilitation measures without any special temporary arrangements. The measures included among others:

  • The wet rooms (water chamber) and the superstructure were consistently separated from each other.
  • The pipework installation, measurement technology and electrical system were completely renewed.
  • The tank was integrated into the SWW telecommunications system.
  • The superstructure and the rectangular water chamber with valve chamber were fitted with full thermal insulation and structural waterproofing, and the water chambers were each fitted with a new ventilation system.
  • A new pressure boosting system was installed to supply Valetsberg.


Object- and specialist planning civil engineering structures, technical equipment:

Basic determination
Preliminary design
Design and approval planning
Execution planning
Site Management, local construction supervision

Further services

Inventory with creation of a construction plan

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