• Design and Tender of the drinking water supply of the city of Mocuba - Phase 1

    Client: Administração de Infraestruturas de Água e
    Saneamento – AIAS
    Project locationt: Mocuba, Mozambique
    Project term: 9 months
    Project start: May 2018


Detailed design of the emergency measures for the drinking water supply of the city of Mocuba, Mozambique


Following heavy rainfall and tropical storms in the beginning of 2015, the river Licungo and other rivers in Mozambique overflowed and flooded large parts of the region. The Licungo river travels through the Mozambican province of  Zambesi to the Indian Ocean. As a result of this flood, a part of the existing raw water transport pipe for Mocuba has been destroyed at the exit of the intake tower, including the access bridge. In addition, the falling debris  created a deviation of the existing river course.


GAUFF Engineering has been commissioned with the extensive rehabilitation of the water supply for the city of Mocuba by the World Bank together with AIAS  (Administração de Infraestruturas de Água e Saneamento – Society for urban sewage disposal and water supply in Mosambique). The overall project has been divided in two phases. The phase 1, the so called emergency phase, includes the design of an extraction plant with electrical supply and feed lines to the existing waterworks as well as a brand new supply network  of round about 27 kms length.

The design comprises:

  • A new water abstraction structure on the river Lugela
  • A new raw water transport pipeline (1km HDPE DN280)
  • A new power supply line 400 V (about 350 m)
  • A new power station with transformers and emergency power generator
  • Hydraulic protection by separate collecting tanks
  • River groynes for the regulation of the river
  • An access road to the new water intake (400m)
  • Rehabilitation works on the water treatment plant
  • Renewal of the drinking water supply network (1400 house connections and 26km from DN90 up to DN400 PEAD)


Execution and evaluation of a survey for the resettlement action plan
Bathymetry and geotechnical investigations
Elaboration of the preliminary design and execution plans
Preparation of tender documents
Electrical and structural planning of the plant
Environmental Management Plan
Concept to simplify compensation procedures and resettlement action plan
Design of sanitary facilities

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