• Remote water supply Pemba, design of electromechanical equipment of wells

    Cient: FIPAG – Fundo de Investimento e Patrimônio do Abastecimento de Água    
    Project location: Pemba, Mozambique    
    Project term: 20 months    
    Project start: August 2018


Design of the electromechanical equipment of wells as well as rehabilitation and construction of the water treatment plant and of the pumping stations in Pemba, Mozambique


FIPAG is responsible for the water supply systems of Mozambique’s major cities. One of those cities is, with around 200.000 inhabitants, the port city of Pemba, capital city of the province of Cabo Delgado located in the north of the country. Departing at the water treatment plant, two main water lines, of 50 km each and with a diameter of DN 450 or rather DN 500, are delivering water through two intermediate pumping stations to the main distribution reservoirs located near the city of Pemba. Along the main supply line, water is also provided to the villages of Metuge, Nangua, Mieze, Murregue and Mutxara. GAUFF Engineering already has been in charge of the rehabilitation of the first as well as the new construction of the second main line in upstream projects. (see Pemba remote water supply 1 and remote water supply 2)


GAUFF Engineering has been commissioned with the rehabilitation and the construction of the water treatment plan and the pumping stations as well as the design of the electro-mechanical equipment of new wells. The goal of the project is to raise the capacity of the water treatment plant to be able to provide a sufficient amount of water to the metropolitan area of Pemba. This assignment will be carried out in compliance with the WASIS II (Water Supply and Institutional Support Project II) guidelines of the World Bank, the World Bank being responsible for this project.

The project consists of the following subprojects:

  • Electromechanical equipment for existing and new boreholes at the wellfield, including power supply and new telemetry systems
  • Connection between the transmission network and the new wells
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of the capacity of the existing water treatment plant, from 15.000 to 30.000m³
  • Rehabilitation and expansion of the existing pumping stations
  • Rehabilitation of the water tower
  • New hydraulic components


Preliminary Design
Geotechnical studies
Executional planning, including electrical and structural constructions,
Elaboration of tender documents
Elaboration of remuneration, resettlement and environmental management plans
Assistance during commissioning

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