• Expansion of the water supply system of the city of Pemba, Mozambique

    Client: Direccao National de Àguas, Mozambique    
    Project location: Pemba, Mozambique    
    Projektdauer: 24 months    
    Projektbeginn: May 2014


Preparation of a technical - economic feasibility study for the extension of the water supply of the city of Pemba


The provincial capital of Pemba, situated in the province of Cabo Delgado in the north of Mozambique, gains more and more in importance and is currently experiencing a huge economical and social evolution. The city with its around 200.000 inhabitants (as of July 2017) has developed into a very important traffic hub between Tanzania in the north and Mozambique’s interior, and has an international airport and a maritime port at the Indian Ocean. With the exploitation of the big natural gas resources as well as the mining of earth treasures like coal, rubies and so on, in the northern part of Mozambique, the maritime port is going to contribute enormously to the development of the region.


GAUFF GmbH & Co Engineering KG has been commissioned by Direccao National de Àguas, Mozambique, with a technical-economical feasibility study for the expansion of the water supply system of the city of Pemba, including an environmental compatibility assessment. The subject of the project is the construction of a barrage at the river Megaruma located more or less 100 km west of the city of Pemba, as well as the design of a water transport system from the barrage to the city. Hydrologic basic data for the determination of the water resources have been evaluated within the scope of the feasibility study. A demographic forecast as well as a forecast of the water needs have been established to determine the future water needs. Altogether, five possible versions concerning the height of the dam, volume of the reservoir, route of the water transport system have been examined. Within the scope of a preliminary planning in collaboration with the company INZAG Germany (Andrade Gutierrez, Portugal), the favoured version has been elaborated from the technical and economical point of view in an additional project phase (dam system, water treatment, exploitation, transport, storage, generation of energy). The production of drinking water has been designed for a throughput of  62.000 m³/day.


Basic evaluation
Feasibility study
Hydrological examination
Forecast of the water needs
Survey of the building site
Measurement of the route
Environmental compatibility assessment
Performance audit
Preliminary design/dimensioning

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