• Site Supervision Transmission Mains Pemba

    Client: FIPAG – Fundo de
    Investimento e Patrimônio
    do Abastecimento de Água    
    Project location: Pemba, Mozambique    
    Project term: 10 months    
    Project start: November 2017


Design review for the rehabilitation and construction of a new main water supply line in Pemba, Mozambique


Pemba is the capital of the Province of Cabo Delgado in the north of Mozambique. It is located on a peninsula between the Indian Ocean and the bay of Pemba and therefore is, with his maritime port and international airport, a very important traffic hub between Tanzania and inner Mozambique. With about 200.000 inhabitants (as of 2017), the population figure has more than doubled in the last twenty years and continues to grow steadily. And the demand on water for the city is growing in that same way. The water supply for Pemba is based on groundwater pumped from the Metuge well field, located around 50 km west of the city. The capacity of the Metuge well field at present provides around 12.000 m3/day and with the expansion, it will provide another 18.000 m³/day, increasing the total ground water-based supply to 30.000 m³/day.


GAUFF Engineering has been commissioned with the project management and the design review of the new construction of the water conducts. The existing main water pipe consists of around 50 km of DN 450 pipes with two intermediate pump stations, two transitional stations and an elevated tower delivering the water for the main distribution reservoir close to the city. In addition to that, water is being delivered to the villages of Metuge, Nangua, Mieze, Morrebue and Muaguide along the main water pipe. The existing conduct is heavily damaged in parts and has to be replaced at those points.

The project includes the rehabilitation of the existing main water supply conduct and the construction of round about 50 km of new DN 500 mm conducts with three river crossings, three road crossings and 59 chambers from the well field to the city of Pemba, including the connections for the villages along the way.


Project management
Review of the construction- and hydraulic model report
Detailed design review of the new main water line and rehabilitation of the existing main water line
Environmental Management and Compensation Plan Review

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