• National Strategy for Rural Sanitation Development in Mozambique

    Client: Ministério das Obras Públicas, Habitação e Recursos Hídricos – MOPHRH
    Project location: Maputo, Mosambik
    Project term: 11 month
    Project start: November 2017


Preparation of the National Strategy for Rural Development of the sanitary provision in Mozambique


After Mozambique's independence, one of the challenges the government had to face was the removal of the very common public defecation. A World Bank study from 2012 shows that public defecation, due to the missing of sanitary facilities, costs the country $ 70 million US dollars a year. To improve the situation, a multisectoral taskforce was set up having various ministries, as well as provincial and municipal authorities participate. One of the goals of the taskforce is to improve the access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for the rural population.


GAUFF Engineering has been assigned from the task force to develop the national strategy for the rural wastewater management, in order to eliminate the public defecation in the long run. The project is also supposed to improve the internal and cross-sector coordination in the implementation of this strategy. All this should help to meet fundamental human needs and to guarantee universal access to sanitation facilities by the year 2030.


Inventory of the current situation
Harmonization and standardization of approaches and strategies of already existing sanitation concepts in the wastewater sector
Development of a detailed plan to avoid open defecation with a realistic budget and cost evaluation
The organization, execution and presentation of workshops with all involved institutions to identify the existing problems
Development of an extensive wastewater strategy at national level

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