• Technical Assistance Roads Niassa

    Client: State Road Construction Office (ANE, IP)
    Project location: Province of Niassa, Mozambique
    Project term: 24 months
    Project start: 12/2020


Technical assistance for the provincial delegation of the national road administration in Niassa, Mozambique


The road networks in Mozambique are divided according to their importance and managed corresponding to their classification by different state and regional authorities. The Road Fund (Fundo de Estradas, RF) and the National Roads Administration (Administração Nacional de Estradas, ANE, IP) are jointly responsible for the primary classified roads throughout the country. The provincial governments manage the secondary and tertiary networks with the support of the ANE delegations at provincial level.

While much of the primary road network is in good or medium condition, about half of the non-primary roads are in a poor state. This makes access to rural areas, especially in the central and northern provinces, much more difficult. Also, in the province of Niassa, the largest and most fertile province of Mozambique, only 693 km of its 3983 km of roads are paved. The remaining 3290 km were classified as unpaved.


GAUFF Engineering was commissioned to provide technical assistance to the ANE provincial delegation in Niassa and to provide engineering services for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the roads.

This contract is part of the overall program to maintain and improve the road and bridge network in Mozambique. The aim of the program is to ensure the mobility of the population. The improved road infrastructure, combined with a sustainable management of the transportation sector, is intended to boost economic growth and thus combat poverty in the region.


Technical support (procurement, planning, technology, maintenance)
Continuous evaluation of the road network
Planning of rehabilitation and new construction measures
Tender documents and tendering procedures
Monitoring of maintenance work
Ensuring the partial use of protection zones through sustainable measures
Safety and health protection coordination
Further measures to improve the quality of the road and bridge network (vertical and horizontal road signage, drainage systems, cleanliness of the environment, etc.)

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