• Cadastre of the City of Odivelas

    Client: SMAS, Loures
    Project location: Odivelas, Portugal
    Project term: 24 months
    Project start: 2009


Cadastre Measurement of the Public Water Supply Grid of the City of Odivelas


The cadastre of the water supply grid of the deep zone of the city of Odivelas was not up to date and it had a lot of gaps. Due to this fact, a proper management of the water supply grid was impossible. Hence, the municipal authority of Loures has charged GAUFF Engineering with the execution of a digital measurement of the supply grid and the elaboration of a respective cadastre.


Aim of the project was the elaboration of a digital cadastre of the water supply grid of the deep zone of the city of Odivelas, showing the altitude and position of the pipelines.

The high standard of the cadastre ultimately handed over was appreciated by the technical staff of the SMAS (Serviços Municipalizados de Àgua e Saneamentos) , expressing their great interest in continuing the project in other trouble spots of the city.


Classification and geotagging of pipes and shapes
Elaboration of shapefiles (digital surveying of lines, gate valves, branch
conduits with the respective altitudes/depth positions and material
Implementation into GIS (geographical information system)

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