• Tonga roads

    Client: Ministry of Infrastructure, Tonga
    Projekt loation: Kingdom of Tonga
    Projekt term: 33 months    
    Projekt start: January 2019


Feasibility study, detailed technical design, tender evaluation and construction supervision of road works on Tongatapu and other islands of the Kingdom of Tonga.


The Kingdom of Tonga comprises around 170 islands in the Pacific, 36 of which are inhabited. Three quarters of the population lives on the main island of Tongatapu, with almost all the rest distributed among the island groups of Vava'u, Ha'apai and 'Eua. For the existing road network, the ongoing erosion was increasingly a problem. Both road surfaces and the corresponding drainage infrastructure were repeatedly damaged.


The Ministry of Infrastructure of the Kingdom of Tonga commissioned GAUFF Engineering, in cooperation with IMC (now DT Global, UK), to elaborate a feasibility study, detailed technical planning, tender evaluation and construction supervision of road works on Tongatapu and the island groups of Vava'u, Ha'apai and 'Eua. The road sections that had to be planned had a total length of about 155 kilometres. The focus was on the development of technical specifications for the improvement of road surfaces and drainage, especially on road sections prone to erosion. Subsequently, GAUFF Engineering together with IMC provided construction supervision for selected roads with a total length of about 110 kilometres.


Updating and development of technical specifications
Feasibility study
Risk management
Detailed technical planning with focus on material use and drainage
Construction supervision
Technical training of the client to enable them to undertake the work themselves
Development of a performance-based maintenance contract with monitoring of maintenance in the first year

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