• Bukasa Port - New Port for Kampala

    Client: Ministry of Works and Transport
    Project location: Bukasa, Kampala
    Project term: 9 years (phase 1)
    Project start: 2016


Planning and construction of the new trimodal "Bukasa Port" in Kampala


Up until now, goods to and from Uganda needed to be transported by land, either through Kenya or using the considerably more expensive route via Ruanda-Burundi-Tanzania. The new port at the shores of Lake Victoria shall create a cheaper and faster means of transportation to the ocean for the landlocked country. After its construction, goods will be transported directly by ship to Musoma or Mwanza in Tanzania and then by land to Dar es Salam or Tanga at the Indian Ocean. 


In a first phase, GAUFF Engineering will establish a master plan and on this basis further develop the preliminary design of the port, including its connectivity to the Kampala Industrial and Business Park. Construction measures, such as exploitation, site installation and first construction measures for the future quay wall will follow. In the more advanced phases the construction of the actual port will be implemented, including the docklands and the whole infrastructure. The education and further training of personnel for the administration and later operation of the port is also a vital part of the project.

Services - Phase 1

Creation of a master plan
Preliminary planning
Construction preparation works
Mediation and securing financing
Education and training of personnel

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