• Puerto La Cruz

    Client: Ministry of the
    Environment and Renewable
    Resources of the Republic of
    Venezuela (MARNR)
    Project location: Anzoátegui State, Venezuela
    Project term: 2 years
    Project start: 1993


Refurbishment of the sewage system of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela


In the early 1990s, pollution of the waterways, sea waters and beaches of Puerto La Cruz had reached dramatic levels. This posed a threat not only to public health, but also to the development of the industrial sectors and especially to fisheries and tourism. At that time, GAUFF Engineering created the foundation for financing and implementing the measures that were urgently needed to improve the environmental situation in this region.


On the basis of a master plan reaching as far as 2020, potential demand for Puerto La Cruz's drinking water and industrial water was calculated as well as the future development of sewage disposal. For this purpose, a preliminary draft sewage disposal and waste water treatment concept was drawn up. Immediate measures included the refurbishment of existing pump stations and the construction of new ones. New sewage pipe networks were installed and integrated into the existing systems. This was in addition to the implementation of a sewage treatment plant for a population of around half a million.


Feasibility studies
General planning
Technical support
Procurement of electro-technical equipment

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