Engineering – Studies and Planning

Concrete and thorough planning is a precondition for successful and well scheduled project work. Precision and care in planning work combined with permanent presence in the region are a matter of course for us. We are familiar with the country and its people and we consider the geographic and economic circumstances in project preparations. You can benefit from our experience and expertise.

Our Services

Basic Evaluation

Through intensive talks with customers and public interest representatives, we determine the fundamentals for successful implementation of the project.

Feasibility Studies

Decades of experience go into our feasibility studies. We draw up our studies respecting local conditions, we check the materials and include socio-economic factors in our evaluations. Quality that pays off.

Impact Assessment

Assessing the impacts of a project on the environment and the justified interests of the people who may be affected are for us a key part of any planning.


We offer variant analyses with a view to both technical and economic aspects. Visualisation forms an important part of these pre-planning services.

Design Planning

When drawing up design planning, we do not restrict ourselves to the technical tasks of a project. In this way, we can provide our customers with a detailed insight into the practical implementation of the ideas conceived.

Approval Planning

The professional preparation and handling of documents during hearings, meetings with citizens or approval procedures is one of our strengths  - both at home and abroad.

Execution Planning

We provide construction companies with planning documents that enable accurate and scheduled execution.

Preparation of Contract Awarding

The specifications we offer are not just functional, i.e. based on purely target-orientated information, but are supplemented by a concrete and very detailed presentation of the corresponding job items. If necessary, we can also elaborate the entire technical specifications and the technical contract terms. It goes without saying that we pay particular attention to the laws in force on site.

Involvement in Contract Awarding

During the contract awarding phase, we use IT systems to evaluate the submitted bids. We extract the information, required to award the contract, and prepare these for the decision makers.