Another 500 MW photovoltaic power plant capacity for Ethiopia

Together with the Hamburg-based solar specialist Suntrace, GAUFF Engineering Power has won another comprehensive contract with "Ethiopia Solar Round 2B – Technical and Environmental & Social Consultancy" for technical consulting in the development of photovoltaic (PV) projects in Ethiopia. The contract, which aims to investigate the site and tender for the construction and operation of PV power plants with a total capacity of 500 MW, was awarded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in February 2021.

As with the ongoing project "Ethiopia Solar 2A", GAUFF Engineering Power is once again responsible for the deputy project management, the project management for the additional site investigations, hydrological studies, geotechnical investigations, topographical surveys as well as the environment and social impact studies.

The detailed preliminary investigations of the sites will be carried out by a proven team of local and international experts in the course of 2021 and will serve as a basis for reducing construction risks.

Totaled with the two previous projects, Ethiopia Solar 2A and Scaling Solar, an overall capacity of 1 GW of installed photovoltaic power for Ethiopia's state-owned electricity supplier Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) is being sought.

In addition to the current project "Ethiopia Solar Round 2A", that has been realized up to 70 % (as per March 2021), GAUFF Engineering has also received an order from the IFC for technical drones footage of the identified sites from the previous project.

Two sites have already been flown over as part of the "Ethiopia Solar 2A-technical drone survey" and their investigations have been successfully completed. These two locations are now in the tender with world-renowned solar EPC bidders.

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