Contract for the improvement of efficiency of the sewerage system in Abidjan

On 17 May, Bouaké Fofana, the Minister of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene of Côte d'Ivoire, signed the public procurement contract (Contrat de Marché Public) for the improvement of efficiency and extension of the sewerage system in Abidjan with the branch manager of GAUFF Engineering, Sener Ucar. Ingo Herbert, the German Ambassador in Côte d'Ivoire, accompanied the ceremony and was pleased that this important project for Abidjan, with a volume of 178 million euros, is entering the next decisive phase.

In Abidjan, with more than 6.2 million inhabitants, only about 15% of households are connected to the public sewerage network. In combination with the insufficient sewage and rainwater drainage systems and the increasing number of heavy rainfall incidents in recent years, this has led more and more often to major disasters and floodings, which mainly affected the poorer neighborhoods of the city. 

Against this background, the government of Côte d'Ivoire has, among other things, drawn up a master plan for wastewater disposal and drainage in Abidjan for the period up to 2033. GAUFF Engineering has been supporting the Ivorian government since 2019 in implementing a number of prioritised measures in a timely manner. This includes four sub-projects:

  1. Sewerage system in the Anyama-Abobo district including wastewater disposal.
  2. rainwater discharge collectors for de-watering flood polders in Anyama-Abobo.
  3. restoration of the outflow capacity of an open drainage channel to reduce the risk of flooding by rainwater in Yopougon
  4. construction of an open drainage system to reduce the risk of flooding from rainwater in Locodjro.

The project is scheduled to start in October 2023 after the signing of the financing contract. 

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