“Wasserwelt Wöhrder See” - Safety and health coordination for the Norikus bay

Wöhrder See lake is a man-made reservoir situated in the heart of Nuremberg, east of the historic center. In addition to flood protection, it provides a highly popular recreational area all year round. A restructuration and redesign project was launched to ensure long-term flood protection, give the lake an ecological facelift and make it even more attractive to visitors seeking relaxation.

GAUFF Engineering was contracted by the Nuremberg Water Authority (WWA) for the preparation and implementation of constructional measures; its task was to provide the safety and health coordination for the Norikus bay. The main constructional measures for the bay, including the building of the longitudinal dike at the southern bank of Wöhrder See lake, are already completed; it was inaugurated and flooded by Bavaria's Minister of Finance Markus Söder and Nuremberg’s Mayor Ulrich Maly with an opening ceremony on 1 August 2016. The main purpose of the Norikus bay, with its dike separating it from the lake and its volumetric capacity of approx. 20,000 cubic meters of lake water, is to improve the water quality.

The structures placed inside the 1.40 m deep (on average) water of the bay, the dike installations and the regeneration zone at its upper end, where the water flows through a brush of reeds, all improve both the flow conditions and the water quality. The purified water is then discharged into the Goldbach brook, which flows into the southern arm of the river Pegnitz in the downstream area known as “Wöhrder Wiese”.

The safety and health activities are currently carried out in conformity with the construction site ordinance applicable for the erection of a mooring bridge. Once completed, the results of the constructional measure will be compiled into a final documentation.

The restructuration measures already performed and planned for the future will make a major contribution to improving the water quality and making the “Wasserwelt Wöhrder See” an even more attractive recreational area in the heart of Nuremberg.

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