• Design and Tender of Raw Water Intake Dingue-Dingue, Beira

    Client: FIPAG
    Project location: Beira, Mozambique
    Project term: 20 months  
    Project start: 08/2018


Design and rehabilitation of the water treatment plant of the city of Beira including the pre-treatment plants and the Dingue-Dingue raw water intake


The FIPAG – Fundo de Investimento e Patrimônio do Abastecimento de Água (Fund for Investment and Assets of Water Supply) is responsible for the water supply systems of Mozambique's largest cities. The World Bank's project WASIS II (Water Supply and Institutional Support Project II) supported FIPAG in the financing of the rehabilitation of water supply systems in five cities, including Beira and Dondo. Beira is located in the Sofala province in Central Mozambique and has a population of more than 500,000 inhabitants (as of 2017). The city obtains its drinking water from the Rio Pungué via a long-distance water pipeline. However, this pipeline was not sufficiently dimensioned and was in need of refurbishment.


GAUFF Engineering was contracted to restore and increase the production capacity for Beira from 40,000 m3/d to 60,000 m3/d. Various measures were implemented to improve the water intake and the treatment system. These measures include an increase in efficiency of the Mutua water treatment plant and the raw water collection station of the Dingue-Dingue River. In addition, the sedimentation channel at the Pungué River and a pumping station near Mutua were rehabilitated.

New components for the Dingue-Dingue raw water intake include gabions as a protective structure for the riverbank, a new electrical system, as well as new pre-treatment, filtration, disinfection and pumping station buildings. The construction of a new reservoir with 5,000 m2 of storage volume including the pumping station and new sludge drying beds was also planned to improve the supply capacity.


Design planning
Geotechnical investigations
Preparation of implementation plans and tender documents
Planning of all electrical installations and all structural changes
Environmental management plan
Support in the award of contracts

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