• Technical Assistence Water Treatment Plant Sabie, Maputo

    Client: China Henan International Cooperation Group Company Ltd (CHICO)    
    Project location: Maputo, Mozambique    
    Project term: 11 months  
    Project start: 01/2019


Technical assistance for the construction of the water treatment plant, pumping stations and water reservoirs for the project for the expansion of the water supply in Maputo (GMWSP Greater Maputo Water Supply Expansion Project)


Access to drinking water is a key issue in Mozambique. A survey conducted in 2012 estimated the coverage of access to drinking water in the capital city of Maputo to only 40%. In order to provide sufficient water to the region, whose population is constantly growing, several major projects have been implemented with international help during the last decade.


The Maputo Water Supply Expansion Project (GMWSP) consists of a 95 km raw water main pipeline, of one water treatment plant, an independent pumping station, an intermediate control tank and several extraction stations along the route. GAUFF Engineering has been commissioned by the China Henan International Cooperation Group Company (CHICO) with the construction supervision of the water treatment plant, the pumping stations and the reservoirs, to guarantee the quality management according to European standards.

With its capacity of 120 m³, the water treatment plant is going to treat the water of the Corumana-barrage, located 85 km in the northwest of Maputo, according to the Mozambican drinking water ordinance, and is then going to supply that treated water to the distribution centre of Machava via a long distance water line. The distribution centre is located in central Maputo city.

The water treatment process at the plant includes pre-oxidation, remineralization, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, final pH adjustment and disinfection.


Technical Assistance
Contract management
Claim Management
Construction management, time scheduling
Construction supervision
Quality assurance and quality control
Architectural design and construction drawings
Structure planning and structure design

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